Thursday – 22 January 2015

Bett 2015


10:00 - 13:00
Ricoh Future of Learning session: Primary and Secondary Education - Willem van Oranje School and Polgar Gymnasium

Ricoh Netherlands will present their vision on the future of primary and secondary education. The Polgar Gymnasium and Steve Jobs School are a really important part of this. The Polgar Gymnasium is a school in Austria which implemented several Ricoh products (Interactive Whiteboard and Blackboard, UCS P3500, Smart Presenter and many more) to create the classroom of the future. This Future Work Space is a great example of how classrooms could look in the future.

The Willem van Oranje School, which is based in the Netherlands, has won the Ricoh Netherlands Learning Challenge. During this challenge the Willem van Oranje School competed with other schools to win support from Ricoh Netherlands to digitalise their classrooms. The schools had to present their vision of how education could be more interesting by using digital solutions.

Both schools will show their experience by demonstrating their interactive classrooms!


BETT floor plan
Ricoh Stand